Saturday, January 13, 2007

Picasso Given the Elbow!

Yeah, but how?
Hi all,
News that Las Vegas Magnate Steve Wynn somehow managed to put his elbow through one of his Picasso's (The Dream 1932, pictured above being sold at Christies in 1997 for £24.7m) has left me a tad baffled? According to ambiguous reports this major 'mishap' happened whilst Mr Wynn was showing his multi squillion dollar painting off to guests. Most unfortunate.

My question though is how exactly do you do something like that? Whenever I touch one of my own canvas's (which sell for a hefty bit less than £24m!) I handle it as though I were grooming angles wings. In other words very, very carefully. OK, I know he's 75 years old and has a condition affecting his peripheral vision and I could understand if perhaps he had dropped it or fallen over it but how does he puncture it with his elbow?

Maybe he’d just been watching Enter the Dragon and simply got carried away. You know these Bruce Lee fans….
Catch you later