Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Elephant Series:Acrylic on canvas 16"x 40"

Elephants Are Fun!
Hi all,
Phew, another minor 'masterpiece' finished, glazed and presented for approval! Thus ends another long day of brushing, dabbing, swearing, smearing and yes, more swearing. In truth I felt a tad rusty. The result of an extended Xmas break in vain attempt to put painting completely out of my mind (fat chance there!) and concentrate on the IT side of things. You know, like getting to grips with HTML, CSS, RSS feeds and all the other joy filled 'web-whatsits' we online artists have to embrace! Oh well, C'est la vie.

Like all my Elephant Series I aim for a graphic, more simplified effect. With a strong line, clean edges and an emphasis on surface decoration as opposed to any emotional representation. I'm interested in the effects of silhouette's and playing with the pictures negative space. However, this is primarily art as ornament, art to adorn. Although I draw inspiration from source's as diverse as wildlife photography and cave art I try not to adopt a too rigid or predetermined approach, preferring instead to allow the various picture elements to form in a more organic fashion. Or, put another way..I go with the flow!

As I said, this is art as decoration. Art as fun, as a colourful diversion for eyes grown weary of urban grays and monochrome landscapes. What better tonic than yellow Ellie's!

Catch you later