Thursday, May 17, 2012

Blue Horizon

'Blue Horizon' Acylic on Box Canvas 61x76cm (shirley shelton©copyright 2012)

'Blue Horizon' Acylic on Box Canvas 61x76cm (shirley shelton©copyright 2012)

Do you like abstract art? That was the first question I was asked at art college. Can you imagine what my answer was?

A big resounding...NO!

No, I didn't like it. I didn't 'get it' and like many I thought it a refuge for the untalented who seemed to indulge in something the proverbial child of ten could knock out.

How much our tastes change! Now half the paintings I work on are abstract or semi abstract. Why the change? I'll tell you at the end of this post...

Blue Horizon is a semi-abstracted sunset with an oceanic flavour thrown in.  I've used copious amounts of acrylic texture paste as well as several glazes. These build layers, give depth and create both that swirling, tidal effect and the subtle variations of light.

I've used a variety of blues to compliment the bright oranges and yellows which give the piece an acute sense of colour and vibrancy.

So, why my change of heart regarding all things abstract? Two words; Jackson Pollock. I saw his exhibition at the Royal Academy in London and I immediately sold! Only when I saw those massive canvases in the flesh did I finally..get it!