Tuesday, January 23, 2007

RedScape: Acylic on Canvas 40"X 16"

When You Just See Red?
Hi all,
I've definitely been seeing red today! No, not anger inspired(I don't think so?) or crimson shades of stress (well, perhaps just a shade.) Rather I've allowed the acylic paint to liberally flow. Splashing a few scarlet streaks, strands of yellow, a dollop of black and a wisp of white and Walla!.. a sweeping sunset. Ah, that's the beauty of acylic paint, always the instant result.Well, maybe not quite instant but always very, very satisfying.

I hope you like RedScape. Horizons have always fascinated me. Distant plains where the sun sets or faraway fields that fade away on some endless eye line. That's their attraction, the allure of eternity. That out of reach, forever unobtainable goal. To stare at the horizon is to gaze into the unknown. Something we all find forever facinating.

Catch you later