Saturday, November 18, 2006

Simon Schama's Power of Art: BBC2 Turner
Hi all,
Ok, so I confess to being an absolute Turner nut!. But really you don't have to be in order to appreciate what has to be the highlight in a consistently excellent series. Schama may have his critics but for my money he's the best historian on the block. No fuss or waffle. Does exactly what it says on the tin!
Tonight Schama focused on Turners 19th century masterpiece Slaveship (1840) pictured above, which he rated as his best. My personal favourite is Snowstorm (1842) pictured right. But there was no doubting either the passion or conviction of his argument, which, considering the terrible story behind the painting, was well deserved.
Whatever your opinion it's certain that Turner has had a profound effect on the history of painting. He's certainly had one on me. Never do I approach a sky nor consider any landscape without that Turner touch playing it's part.
Catch you later