Wednesday, November 15, 2006

New Ebay About Me Page
Hi all
Forgive me but I’m in a weary frame of mind. My brains numb, my senses worn and if I ever see another line of html code I shall implode! Grrrr.
The reason? too many hours of tricky tinkering to put the finishing touches to my new eBay About Me Page.
I won’t bore you with a blow by blow account. Enough to say that after a long slog ( and yes, I did get lot's of help from my Hubby!) I (we) have at last got it completely to my liking. Go on then. take a look!
Seriously though, it’s amazing just how many sellers don’t even bother to have a Me Page at all. Many that do seem happy merely to throw together a few scraps of text by way of an after thought.
Buyers on Ebay need assurance. They need to know you’re serious. In a world of slick scam merchants and happy amateurs the more you can communicate to them that you not only ‘know your stuff’ but are willing to be completely open, the better. No other platform on ebay is better suited to doing just that.

Catch you later